Rewards for buying bitcoin on Fold

You earn rewards when you buy bitcoin on Fold.

What rewards do I earn?

Earn a Spin for every $10 of bitcoin you buy.

That means you can buy $10 of bitcoin and earn bitcoin rewards on top of that, every time. There’s basically no reason to gamble on shitcoins ever again. Now, you can stack sats and stay humble while also having the opportunity to get bitcoin rich.


Where do I see my rewards?

All of the Spins you’ve earned can be found in your Spin Bank.



  • Buy $10 of BTC in one transaction, earn 1 Spin.
    Buy $50 of BTC in one transaction, earn 5 Spins.
    Buy $200 of BTC in one transaction, earn 20 Spins.

Need a refresher on Spins? Check out our What is a Spin? FAQ.


How are you able to give rewards for buying bitcoin?

Fold aims to be the one-stop shop for accumulating bitcoin. Bitcoin buying is just one way to do it on our app— so we give rewards like sats and spins to encourage you to check out our other offerings to help you stack even more rewards.Our business model is simple, the more bitcoin you stack by earning or buying bitcoin with us, the better we do. We use rewards to help introduce you to our other services.


*These rewards are subject to evolve as the program evolves. Tell us what you think and what you'd like to see by filling out the survey in the app after making a few bitcoin purchases. We'll reward you with bonus sats for your thoughts!



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