What is a Spin? How do I use it?

Spinning the wheel pays out bitcoin; the more Spins you use, the more bitcoin you'll earn.

Every Spin lets you spin the rewards wheel 1 time.

To use Spins:

  1. tap the top left wheel icon to see the Spin Page


  2. tap the rewards wheel to spin and win bitcoin rewards


Earning Spins

There are many ways to earn Spins on Fold. Once earned, your Spins will appear in your Spin Bank


Each Spin will have an expiration timer underneath that displays how long you have to use it until it expires.

  • For Spin+ subscribers, each Spin expires 7 days after being earned.
  • For Spin members, each Spin expires 3 days after being earned.
  • For users without a Fold Card, each Spin expires 24 hours after being earned.

Other Rewards

Spinning the wheel is just one way to earn rewards on Fold; read more at How do I earn rewards on Fold?


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