What is the Spin Bank?

Find all the Spins you’ve earned by completing qualifying actions (buying bitcoin, spending on your Fold Card, and buying gift cards) in your Spin Bank.

You can find your Spins on the top-left notification badge on the home page, or simply scroll down and tap on your Spins to get spinning.



Each Spin will have an expiration timer underneath that displays how long you have to use it until it expires.

  • For Spin+ subscribers, each Spin expires 7 days after being earned.
  • For Spin members, each Spin expires 3 days after being earned.
  • For users without a Fold Card, each Spin expires 24 hours after being earned.

Earning Spins

Spins earned from Fold Card spending show up in your Spin Bank as soon as the transaction is authorized; they will appear as “Pending” in your Spin Bank until the merchant settles the transaction, which can take up to 5 business days. Once the transaction is settled then an expiration timer will appear and the Spin is ready to use!

Spins earned from buying bitcoin and gift cards show up in your Spin Bank immediately.


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