Merchant Boosts

What are Merchant Boosts?

Merchant Boosts are exclusive offers that allow you to receive increased reward rates for using your Fold Card at participating merchants and businesses. Each offer has its own qualifying details.

Merchant Boosts are one of the Card Boosts available to Spin+ subscribers.

How do Merchant Boosts work?

You earn eligible Merchant Boosts automatically. Here's how they work:

Step 1: Use Your Fold Card

Make a purchase using your Fold Card at an eligible merchant, retailer, or store.

Step 2: Stack Rewards

Your Card Boost earns you a higher rewards amount than your standard flat rate, ranging from 1% to 14% and based on the specific offer details.

Do I need to activate each offer?

You don't need to activate offers individually or make choices about which ones to use. All offers come pre-activated for your convenience.

Which retailers offer Merchant Boosts?

We will be featuring a rotating list of popular merchants from top categories like grocery stores, food and beverage, streaming services, gas stations, and apparel (to name a few). 

Check out the full list in the app on the Offers page (looks like a rocket) to see all the current offers, and then tap on a specific offer to check out its details.

When will I receive my Merchant Boost rewards?

You will receive a push notification once a Card Boost offer is redeemed, usually within 24 hours of a qualifying transaction.

You will also receive a second push notification when your rewards are applied after the merchant settles the transaction, which is usually within 1-3 business days.

Where will I see my Merchant Boost rewards?

Your Merchant Boost rewards will appear in your transaction history, as well as in your rewards drawer (the blue pill in the top right corner of your app).

Redemption Details

Offer Variations: Offers come in different forms, including one-time use, minimum spend requirements, and maximum reward limits. Check the app for specific offer details.

Contribution to Other Rewards: Your Fold Card spend with Card Boosts contributes to your $10 threshold, which earns you a Spin.

What sets Fold's Merchant Boosts apart?

Our Card Boosts offer a unique advantage compared to other card-linked offer programs. Unlike many existing programs that require users to opt-in, Card Boosts are part of the Fold Prepaid Debit Card benefits; you are automatically enrolled in, ensuring a seamless experience.


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