Fold Card Rewards for Spin+ Subscribers

There are many ways to earn rewards using your Fold Card. Not only does everyone earn 1 Spin for every $10 spent, Spin+ subscribers receive exclusive flat rate rewards. Let's break down these additional benefits for a clearer understanding.

Card Boosts

With Card Boosts, Spin+ subscribers automatically earn 1.5% - 5% back on rotating categories and popular merchants. Here's how they work:

  • Category Boosts: Spin+ subscribers automatically earn 1.5% back on purchases within rotating categories. These categories change quarterly, providing opportunities to earn higher rewards on specific types of spending. Learn more about Category Boosts here.
  • Merchant Boosts: Enjoy up to 5% back at popular merchants. These merchant offers rotate frequently, allowing you to maximize your rewards on your favorite brands. Learn more about Merchant Boosts here.

0.5% Back on Everything Else

If a transaction doesn’t qualify for a Card Boost, then Spin+ subscribers will earn a guaranteed 0.5% back on all other Signature transactions, including Bill Pay transactions.

Signature Transactions and Earned Rewards

Signature transactions made with the Fold Card earn a guaranteed 0.5% - 1.5% back (in addition to any earned Spins). It’s important to note that Fold has no control over how merchants classify transactions, so there is no absolute guarantee that every transaction will qualify as signature. However, if a transaction is classified as non-signature, it will earn only Spins as rewards.

Your transaction history will display which transactions were signature or non-signature, along with any rewards you earned for each transaction.


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