Getting Started with Fold Automations

Welcome to Fold Automations, your gateway to effortless bitcoin accumulation! Automations are tools designed to work for you, empowering you to grow your bitcoin balance at your own pace.

What are Fold Automations?

Fold Automations are a set of features within the Fold App that enable you to automate your bitcoin purchases. By setting up Automations, you can save time and manage your stacking more efficiently. Whether you prefer regular scheduled buys or rounding up your transactions with small bitcoin purchases, Automations can help you build your bitcoin holdings steadily and predictably at your own pace.

The current Automations available are:

How to Access Automations

To access Automations, tap on the Automations box on the Bitcoin tab.


Current Automation Offerings


Set up recurring buys at specified intervals – daily, weekly, or monthly – to steadily increase your bitcoin balance.


With every purchase made using your Fold Card, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference is used to buy bitcoin automatically.

Set your round-up multiplier to 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x.

Coming Soon

Buy the Dip

Automatically purchase bitcoin when the market price drops to take advantage of lower prices.


Automatically send your bitcoin to your personal wallet for added security and control over your digital assets.

Manage Your Automations

To manage your active Automations, head to the bitcoin dashboard and tap “Review” on the Automation you’d like to adjust.



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