Can I instantly withdraw USD from my Fold Card balance?

Yes; you can make instant debit card withdrawals from your Fold Card account to a linked debit card.

For our free withdrawal option, check out How do I withdraw funds from the Fold Card?

Instant Withdrawal Steps

From the Fold Card page:

1. Tap "Withdraw Funds"


2. Tap "Instant Debit Card Withdrawal"


3. Select an existing linked debit card, or add a new debit card.

[empty] select account.png

4. Input the amount you'd like to transfer and tap "Transfer Funds"


5. Tap "Confirm Transfer"

Transfer Details.png

Sweet, you're all done!

Success - Buy.png

Instant Withdrawal Fees

All instant debit card withdrawals cost a 1.5% transfer fee, with a minimum $0.25 fee.

Instant Withdrawal Limits

Instant debit card withdrawals are limited to $250 per transfer, $500 per day, and $1,000 per month.

Accepted Cards

You can receive funds immediately with a linked Visa or MasterCard debit card; American Express is not supported at this time.



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