Push to Card: How to Fund Your Fold Card with Bitcoin

Fold makes it easy to access the value of your bitcoin. Using Fold's Push to Card feature, your can fund your Fold Card with bitcoin purchased on Fold.


Starting on the bitcoin dashboard:

  1. Tap "Push to Card"
  2. Enter the $ amount you'd like to fund your Fold Card
  3. Confirm the transfer

That's it. After confirming the transfer, the funds will typically appear on your Fold Card within a few minutes.



Am I sending bitcoin to my Fold Card?

No. When you Push to Card, you are selling an exact amount of bitcoin for USD and then immediately funding your Fold Card with that USD.

In other words, Push to Card converts your bitcoin to dollars and funds your Fold Card with those dollars.

How long does it take to convert between USD and BTC?

Conversions typically take between 1-10 minutes, though in rare instances, it can take up to 24 hours. We're striving to make this process as instantaneous as possible.

What are the fees and spread when converting between USD and BTC?

Spin+ members can buy and sell bitcoin for zero fees and near zero spread.

For everyone else, a 1.5% fee applies when buying and a 1% applies when selling (aka pushing to card). If you want to buy, spend or sell any bitcoin, you should definitely upgrade to Spin+.

Can I deposit bitcoin directly to Fold?

No, you cannot deposit bitcoin from external wallets into Fold (this feature is coming soon!).

However, you can buy bitcoin on Fold through one-time spot buys or by using our Auto-Stack feature for automated DCA. Plus, Spin+ users enjoy zero fees on all bitcoin buys, and all cardholders earn rewards for every $10 of bitcoin bought on Fold.

What are the tax implications?

In the U.S., selling bitcoin typically triggers capital gains tax on profits. The gain is categorized as short-term or long-term based on the holding duration of the bitcoin, affecting the tax rate. Precise reporting of capital gains or losses on tax returns is mandatory, and detailed transaction records are essential. Losses may offset capital gains or, in certain cases, be deductible from regular income. We recommend consulting a tax professional for specific guidance.

Does Fold provide tax documentation?

All your bitcoin transaction history is provide in detail on the bitcoin dashboard.


Fold is working on making your bitcoin transaction history available for download.

Do you get rewards on purchases with bitcoin?

Just like normal, rewards are always earned on Fold Card transactions, regardless of how you fund your card.

How do you pay for things with your bitcoin?

Simply use the Push to Card feature to transfer funds from your Fold bitcoin balance to your Fold Card. Once the funds are available, use your card as usual.

How do you pay bills with your bitcoin?

Use Push to Card to transfer funds to your Fold Card. With funds available, utilize your account and routing numbers for bill payments. Pro-Tip: Using Paypal Bill Pay for your bills makes you eligible for rewards on payments like mortgages, taxes, and more.



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