How to Buy Bitcoin with Auto-Stack (DCA)

What is Auto-Stack?

Auto-Stack, also known as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), is a powerful feature that allows you to schedule regular purchases of bitcoin at a specific cadence, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. By automating your bitcoin purchases, you can take advantage of the benefits of DCA and gradually build your bitcoin holdings over time. 

The Benefits of DCA

Dollar Cost Averaging for bitcoin offers several advantages. It helps mitigate the impact of market volatility by spreading out your purchases over time. By consistently buying bitcoin at regular intervals, you reduce the risk of making a large purchase at an unfavorable price point, ultimately benefiting from the potential long-term growth of the bitcoin market.

How Do I Set Up an Auto-Stack?

Setting up an Auto-Stack is straightforward:

1. Head to the Bitcoin tab.

2. Tap on the Automations suiteIMG_1420.PNG

3. Tap the Auto-Stack option


4. Select the amount to purchase.


5. Confirm your purchase


Boom! You’re all set to begin your automated sat stacking journey with Fold.

Note: you must have funds in your Fold Card account in order to purchase bitcoin. See all ways to fund your Fold Card here: How do I add money to my Fold Card account?  

Editing an Auto-Stack

At this time, it's not possible to edit an active Auto-Stack. If you need to make changes, you can delete the existing Auto-Stack (see below) and create a new one with your updated preferences.

Canceling or Deleting an Auto-Stack

Should you decide to cancel or delete an active Auto-Stack, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Bitcoin Buy tab.

2. Tap Review on your Auto-Stack.

3. Tap Cancel Auto-Stack

4. Tap “Yes, Delete” to confirm stopping any further scheduled purchases.


Fees and Spread for Buying Bitcoin Through Auto-Stack


For Spin+ subscribers, there are no fees for buying bitcoin through Auto-Stack. For Spin users, there is a 1% fee to purchase bitcoin through auto-stack.


For all cardholders, we do not add any spread to bitcoin purchases. However, please note that while Fold does not add any spread, liquidity providers may pass along a minimal spread depending on market conditions.

Withdrawing Bitcoin Bought Through Auto-Stack

Just like regular spot buys, you can withdraw your purchased bitcoin immediately.

On the withdrawal page you have the option to scan a QR code to your destination wallet to make your withdrawal easier and more secure. Simply tap "Withdraw" on the Bitcoin tab to initiate the withdrawal process.

For full withdrawal steps, see Withdrawing bitcoin bought on Fold.

When Will My Auto-Stack Start and Repeat?

Your Auto-Stack will begin immediately on the day and at the time you set it up. It will repeat according to the cadence you selected and will trigger around the same time as the initial buy, but may take up to an hour later.

For example, if you set up a daily Auto-Stack on a Wednesday at 5:30pm, the first buy will process immediately; the second buy repeats on Thursday and will process between 5:30 and 6:30pm.

Number of Active Auto-Stacks

Please note that currently, users are limited to setting up and maintaining one active Auto-Stack at a time.

Why Choose to Auto-Stack on Fold?

No Fees for Spin+ Users

We are excited to offer Spin+ subscribers the exclusive benefit of fee-free bitcoin purchases through Auto-Stacks. This means that for every dollar spent on buying bitcoin, you keep the full value of your investment.

Zero Spread and Instant Withdrawals

Fold provides a seamless experience for purchasing bitcoin through Auto-Stacks. There are no hidden spreads or markups during the buying process. Additionally, you can withdraw your bitcoin instantly, allowing you to take custody of your stack immediately.

Rewards for Every $10 Spent

Because it’s Fold, you’ll earn rewards for every $10 spent buying bitcoin: 1 Spin every $10. Since every Spin nets you some sats, this means you can get rewarded just for stacking sats with Fold.


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