How to Download Your Bitcoin Transaction History Statement

Keeping track of your bitcoin transactions is crucial, especially when it's time to review your financial activities—whether for budgeting or tax preparation. Although the statement we provide is not an official tax document, it can offer a concise record of your transactions for personal use. Here's how you can quickly and easily download your yearly Bitcoin transaction history statement in a CSV file format through the Fold App.


  1. Go to the Bitcoin Tab: Open the Fold App on your device and navigate to the Bitcoin tab to begin the process of viewing your transaction history.
  2. Scroll Down to Transaction History: Once you're in the Bitcoin tab, scroll down until you see the 'Transaction History' section.
  3. Tap 'See All Transactions': In the 'Transaction History' section, find and tap on the 'See All Transactions' button to expand your view of all past transactions.
  4. Tap 'Download Statement': After tapping to see all transactions, look for the 'Download Statement' button and tap it to initiate the statement download process.

Selecting the Statement Year

You can choose the year for which you want the statement. The statement will include all Bitcoin transactions recorded for the entire selected year.

statement download.png

Additional Information About Your Statement

CSV File Format: We provide the statement in a CSV file format to give you the flexibility to manage and analyze your data. You can open it with any spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or others to create custom reports and visualizations.

Time Zone: All transactions are recorded in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), so remember this when reviewing your statement's timestamps.

Purpose: Bear in mind that this statement is intended for your information and records only—it is not an official tax document.


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