Where does Fold work?

Please note that all brands in Fold are currently denominated in US dollars, and your bank may charge you a foreign transaction fee if your credit card is not US-based.

Depending on brand, Fold gift cards currently work in the following participating countries:

1-800-Flowers: Can be used for international deliveries
Airbnb: Can book anywhere, but Airbnb account must have a US-based payment method saved
Amazon: Amazon.com USA only
AMC: US locations only
Autozone: US locations only
Bass Pro Shops: US locations only
Bed Bath and Beyond: US locations only
Burger King: US locations only
Cabela's: US locations only
Chipotle: US locations only
Domino's: US locations only
Doordash: US app only
Dunkin' Donuts: US locations only
Hotels.com: Can book anywhere, but must be through the US site
Gap / Old Navy: US / Canada locations
L.L. Bean: US locations and website only
Macy's: US locations only
Nintendo eShop: US region only
Playstation Store: US region only
REI: US locations only
Sephora: US / Canada locations
Southwest Airlines: US customers only
Starbucks: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, UK, and US locations
Taco Bell: US locations only, website or mobile app orders only
TJ Maxx: US locations only
Under Armour: US locations only
Uber: Can be added to your Uber account internationally, but can only be redeemed on US rides/orders

We will be available in the Canada, the UK, and the EU soon!


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