What do I get for referring friends?

You can find your referral link in the Fold mobile app on the `account` tab. This link is unique to your account, so we can credit you for any referrals you stack.


What your friends get for using your referral URL

Your friend receives 5,000 satoshis (0.00005 BTC) in their rewards balance after they use your referral link to complete sign up for the Fold app.


What you get for referring friends to Fold

If you are a Fold Cardholder or simply use the Fold App without the card:

Special multipliers on the daily wheel (i.e. 5 sats per every person who has signed up via your referral link)


If you are a Fold Cardholder, you also get Cardholder-only referral benefits:

Offer extended 🔥: If someone who signed up for Fold with your referral URL applies, is approved, and pays for their Fold Spin+ (formerly Premium) Card, you get $25 and they get $25. We do not currently offer a referral bonus for Spin (formerly intro) card sign ups.

👉Referral cash will be deposited into your Fold Card checking account the month after the referral is made. The initial limited time referral offer will be paid out on August 10th.


Limited Time July 2021 Referral Offer FAQs:

  • Do I get credit for someone who used my referral link and signed up for the Fold Card before  July 15?
    • Not at this time, but you still get credit for this referral and get other benefits for it
  • Do I get credit for someone who signed up for the Fold app (not the card) before July 15th? Who then decides to get the Fold Card between July 15-31?
    • Yes, this referral counts. Time to go bother your referral who don't have a card yet!
  •  How do I know how many referrals I have and how much cash I'm getting on August 10th?
    • You can find your total # of people referred in the app. We also highlight this number for you in an email every time you stack a new referral*.
    •  On August 10th, you will get an email and push notification when your referral cash drops into your Fold Card checking account.


*Note: the email shows your total # of referrals -- not the # of cardholders who have signed up from your URL


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