What does it mean to "Proceed Anonymously"?

Fold allows you to start using our app without giving us any personal information.  However, if you log out of an anonymous account, you will have to contact Support to get a login token to regain access to the same account.  (Anonymous accounts have usernames of the format fold-date-random, e.g. fold-2019-10-04-RFQesE3uJbYf6e.)  If you would like to make sure you have persistent access to your Fold account, please sign up for Fold with an email login.

Credit cards can only be added as a payment method to non-anonymous accounts.  New anonymous accounts can make purchases in Fold using the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

To convert your anonymous account to an email login, please contact Support.  If you have not made any purchases, you can just create a new account using email to sign up.


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