I can't add my credit or debit card to Fold

If you are having trouble adding or verifying your card, please check the following:

- Fold can only accept a limited number of countries' cards by default.  If you are not in the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK and are sure you want to use US dollar-denominated gift cards, please contact Support for further assistance.
- Double-check that the address you entered matches what your bank has on file for the card.
- Check that the bank did not place any holds on your card.
- Check for the verification amount in your recent credit card activity.  This may take up to a few hours to appear.  If you leave the "verify card" window open when you close the Fold app, it will open again to the same screen.  If the number charged and the number in the title differ (usually due to currency exchange as the charge will be in USD), use the number in the title of the charge.  Rest assured that all verification charges will not finalize and will fall off your card in a few days.  

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