Are there types of merchants where I cannot spend with my Fold Card?

Yes.  Purchases cannot be made at certain classes of merchants:

  • Security Brokers/Dealers
  • Dating/Escort Services
  • Massage Parlors
  • Betting/Casino Gambling
  • Government Owned Lotteries
  • Government Licensed Online Casinos (Online Gambling)
  • Government Licensed Horse/Dog Racing
  • Internet gambling
  • Money Services businesses
  • Firearm-related businesses (manufacturing and selling)
  • Marijuana-related businesses
  • Wires, Money Orders
  • Non-FI, Money Orders

Specifically for the last one, it can be expanded as "Quasi-cash, currency, money orders, travelers cheques, debt repayment, loan payment, lease payment, mortgage companies (not money transfer, non-financial institution)"

Some example of known merchants that fall into these categories include Strike and Venmo.


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