Why am I not eligible for a Fold Card?

If you apply and receive a message that says we can’t verify your identity, it’s likely due to one or more of the following reasons, which are primarily for your security:

  • We are not able to verify your identity with the information provided.
  • If you were prompted to give answers pertaining to your ID, the authentication answers didn’t match our cross-check with public records.
  • You don’t meet the minimum age requirement (18) for membership.
  • You used a PO Box as your address.  Please use a non-PO box address.
  • There was a technical issue with the app. You can re-apply if you received an error message indicating that the app had timed out ("Something went wrong").

Sometimes when you receive an ineligibility message, you will be prompted to double-check your information and try again. Mistypes of your info can sometimes cause identity verification issues.

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