How do I close my Fold Card account?

We're sorry to see you go, but understand the Fold program may not be right for everyone.


Just so you know, if you are currently a Spin+ member and no longer wish to pay for your membership, you can downgrade to our basic Spin tier, which has no monthly/annual fee. To do so, navigate to the Manage Subscription section of the Account tab and turn off the auto-renewal. When your Spin+ membership is over, we will automatically downgrade your account.


If you still wish to close your account, you will need to make sure that any available USD funds have been removed from your debit card and that all rewards over the 50k minimum have been withdrawn. Any USD funds left on the card will be considered forfeit, and the remaining reward balances will be permanently removed from your account after it is closed. We are unable to process any reward withdrawal requests under 50k Sats.


If you need to remove your USD funds, please see: How do I withdraw funds from the Fold Card?


Once you are ready to close your account, please reach out to our support team at: or open a ticket directly from the Fold app.


Note: All Fold Card closures take 30 days to close to allow all pending transactions to settle fully.


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