How do I link my bank to my Fold Card?

When you are setting up a bank-to-bank transfer, you will need to copy your account and routing number to your existing bank.  You can find these numbers in the 'Account' tab in the app or by going to the Fold Card tab, selecting "Add Funds," and then "Manually Link a Bank."


If your bank asks whether your Fold Account is a checking or savings account, select "Checking."


Fold Cardholder holders do not have a Sutton Bank username and password.  You must add your bank account and routing number manually.


1. Log into your bank's online banking portal
2. Go to external transfer and add external checking account
3. Add the account and routing number found in Fold. ( 1 South Main St Attica, Ohio if it asks)
4. After 2-5 business days you'll get microdeposits into your Fold account.
5. Log back into your bank's external transfer feature and verify microdeposits.

You should now be able to deposit funds from your bank to Fold.


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