How do I fund my Fold Card instantly with Venmo or Apple Cash?


  • Add money to your Venmo account.
  • Go to the hamburger menu and choose "Transfer Balance."
  • Select "Instant" (not "1-3 biz days")
  • Select "Transfer to" and add the Fold Card as a debit card (if you chose "1-3 biz days, you will not be able to add a debit card, only a bank - do not add your Fold Card as a bank account if you want instant transfers).

Apple Cash

  • Make sure you have an Apple Cash account / have Apple Cash enabled
  • While still in the Wallet & Apple Pay section....
    • click "Add a Card"> select "Credit or Debit" > hit "continue" >and enter your Fold Card details to add your card
  • Return to Wallet & Apple Pay, and select Apple Cash from the list of available payment cards
  • Select Transfer to Bank, and enter the amount you'd like to transfer
    • note: you must have available funds to initiate a transfer and move past this step
  • Select your Fold Card (that you just added) and select Instant Transfer 
    • Apple charges a fee for Instant Transfer. If you prefer not to pay this, you can add your Fold Card account information for 1-3 business day transfer.
  • Confirm the transfer and you will see your funds show up in your Fold app

    For additional details on funding via Apple Cash, see Apple's support article
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