How do I fund my Fold Card with third-party apps such as Apple Cash, Venmo, or Paypal?

You can use third-party apps to deposit in 1 of 2 ways. Instantly and ACH.

  • Instant requires linking your Fold Debit card via the numbers on your card. Deposits are within seconds and usually incur a fee.
  • ACH requires linking your account and routing numbers found in the account tab of your Fold app. Deposits are free and generally take 1 business day to complete.

Apple Cash:


  • Make sure you have an Apple Cash account / have Apple Cash enabled
  • While still in the Wallet & Apple Pay section....
    • click "Add a Card"> select "Credit or Debit" > hit "continue" >and enter your Fold Card details to add your card
  • Return to Wallet & Apple Pay, and select Apple Cash from the list of available payment cards
  • Select Transfer to Bank, and enter the amount you'd like to transfer
    • note: you must have available funds to initiate a transfer and move past this step
  • Select your Fold Card (that you just added) and select Instant Transfer 
    • Apple charges a fee for Instant Transfer. If you prefer not to pay this, you can add your Fold Card account information (using the routing/account number on the "Manually Link a Bank" page) for 1-3 business day transfer. (see below)
  • Confirm the transfer and you will see your funds show up in your Fold app.


  • Go to the "Manually Link a Bank" page. Add the account and routing numbers found in the account tab of your Fold app.
  • Within 1-5 business days you'll get micro-deposits into your Fold account. Go back into Apple and verify the amounts.
  • Follow the above steps. When you go to Transfer to Bank, select your Fold account (not card)
  • Confirm the transfer and you will see your funds show up in your Fold app.

    For additional details on funding via Apple Cash, see Apple's support article



  • Add money to your Venmo account.
  • Go to the menu in the top right corner and choose "Transfer Balance."
  • Select "Instant" (not "1-3 biz days")
  • Select "Transfer to" and add the Fold Card as a debit card (if you chose "1-3 biz days, you will not be able to add a debit card, only a bank - do not add your Fold Card as a bank account if you want instant transfers).


  • Go to the 'Me' section and hit Settings
  • Tap Payment Methods
  • Add a bank or card and choose Bank
  • Tap "Verify bank manually instead"
  • Enter the account and routing number found in the account tab of the app
  • Within 1-5 business days you'll get 2 deposits into your Fold account. Go back into Venmo when you do and verify the amounts.
  • Go to your wallet and hit Manage > Transfer to Bank > 1-3 biz days and make sure Sutton Bank with the last 4 of your Fold account is selected.
  • Hit Transfer


  • Make sure you have opted into a Paypal Cash account.
  • To add funds to your PayPal balance:
    • Tap the three dots next to PayPay balance, and select "View Details" > "Add Money" (on the Paypal mobile app) or just "Add Money" (on Paypal web).
    • Select the bank you want to fund from and create a transfer.  Note that this can take 3-5 business days not counting holidays and weekends.
    • Alternatively, if someone sends you money on Paypal, it will be loaded here.
  • To transfer funds from your Paypal balance to the Fold Card:
    • Make sure you have available balance in your Paypal Balance.
    • On Paypal web, you will need to add your destination in your Wallet first (see below for details).
    • Select "Transfer to Bank " (mobile app) or "Transfer Money" > "Transfer to Your Bank" (desktop).
    • Tap Change on the destination.
      • To send instantly (with fee): "Link a new debit card" using the Fold Card details under "Pay/View Card Info."
      • To send in 3-5 business days (free): Add routing and account information found in account tab of the app
      • Select your amount and transfer.


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