I missed a spin!

Generally, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive on the spinwheel experience.  However, we are occasionally receiving reports of missed spins for a variety of reasons.  Those reasons include that a cardholder missed a spin, a spin came in hours after a purchase, the user did not receive a notification, or the spinwheel expired. 

Please note that we currently do not have the ability to offer respins, but we are working on a solution to the "missed spin" problem that we will be rolling out and testing soon. We would love your feedback at that point.

Also, certain retailers (notably amazon) process your payment sometimes hours after you enter the payment details.

If you would like to submit a bug report regarding your missed spin, please create a support ticket at support.foldapp.com and include:

  1. the time you thought you made the purchase
  2. whether you received a notification
  3. whether you visited the "Fold Card" page to attempt to spin the wheel (regardless of whether you got a notification).
  4. The merchant & purchase amount.
  5. Any screenshots that would be helpful.

Thanks for being part of the early access program!


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