What limits are my Fold Card subject to?

To comply with federal regulations, there are limits affecting how much money can be loaded, withdrawn and spent by each cardholder.

Those limits are:

  • Max Account Balance: $10,000
  • Max Spend Per Debit Card Transaction: $2,500
  • Max Spend Per ACH Transaction: Current Settled Account Balance
  • Max Spend Per Day: $2,500
  • Max Spend in 30 days: $25,000
  • Max Load Per 24 Hour Period: $5,000
  • International Transactions: Yes
  • Max Cash / ATM Withdrawal Per Transaction: $250
  • Max Cash / ATM Withdrawal Per Day: $1,000
  • Max Cash / ATM Withdrawal Per Month: $1,000

We are actively working to increase those limits.  

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