Early Access Known Issues

Edited: Early Access ended on May 5, 2021. The Fold Card program is now Open Access
Thanks for joining the Fold Card Program!  A few key notes to mention during our early stages:
It is a known issue that certain banks and credit union are not allowing the transfer of funds to your Fold account.  We suggest using in-app ACH funding to link your external bank account without needing to confirm test despots. We cannot provide any Sutton log-in information, but micro deposits will show up in your Fold Card transaction history if you choose to set up the Fold Card as a recipient checking account on your existing bank account(s).  We are also working on instant debit card funding to help resolve many of these issues.  We also have alternative methods of funding the card; for the most up-to-date information on these options, please check the “Funding the Fold Card” FAQs.
ACH Rewards
ACH rewards are NOT live yet. We are still building that functionality. If you pay a bill using your routing/account number, you will not receive a spin or any rewards.  Because most ACH payments are processed during the middle of the night, it was creating a bad user experience. We expect an improved ACH rewards system to go live in a few weeks.
Missing Spins
Missed Spins will happen.  Whether you missed the notification on your phone, spun too late, or the payment processed in the middle of the night, we do apologize for that. We recently extended the premium spin wheel timer from 5 minutes --> 1 hour, and are in the process of implementing respins. 
Early Access Physical Cards
Card holders will receive a physical card in the mail after confirming their shipping address. The premium tier cards are part of a limited run (only available during the early access period) and will have the option to request an updated card at later date.
Getting Started
Just getting started?  Check out our Getting Started FAQ.


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