Upgrades, downgrades, and refunds.

To upgrade, downgrade, or close your account, please contact support.  

Upgrades - You can upgrade your account to a Premium card from an Intro card at anytime.  Your $21 Activation Fee will be applied to the $150 activation fee if you upgrade within 14 days of signing up for your Intro Tier Fold Card.

Downgrades - You can downgrade from Premium Tier to Intro Tier at any time.  If you downgrade within 14 days of signing up for the Premium Tier Fold Card, we will refund you $129, i.e. the difference between the $150 Annual Fee and the $21 Activation Fee.

Refunds - You can close your account at any time.  Intro Tier cardholders will not receive a refund, as the $21 Activation Fee covers the actual cost to us of issuing you a Fold Card.  Premium Tier Fold Card holders can receive a $129 refund (i.e. the $150 Annual Fee minus the $21), if you cancel your account within 14 days of signing up for your Premium Tier Fold Card.

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