How do I move funds from the Fold Card to my own personal bank account?

Currently, these are the ways that you can withdraw funds from the Fold Card (in recommended order):

1) Spend the funds using the Fold Card as a Visa debit card.

2) Link a bank account (use the same information that is under Add Funds > Manually Link a Bank), but  initiate the transfer FROM your bank account requesting to pull funds from your Fold Card TO your personal account.

3) Use the Fold Card routing/account info to pay bills.  This info can be found on the Add Funds > Direct Deposit and Add Funds > Transfer from a Bank pages.  Please note that paying with ACH does not earn any rewards at this time.

4) Initiate a withdrawal at an ATM (please note the limits on the Fold Card).  Withdrawals may also incur an ATM fee. 


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