How do I withdraw funds from the Fold Card?

Currently, these are the ways that you can withdraw funds from the Fold Card (in recommended order):

1) Spend the funds using the Fold Card as a Visa debit card.

2) Use the Fold Card routing/account info to pay bills. 

  • Go to biller's online payment portal.
  • Select "pay by bank", "pay by e-check", or similar option.
  • Enter the account and routing number found in your Fold app.

Please note that paying with ACH does not earn any rewards at this time.

3) Follow the same steps for depositing manually from an external bank, but initiate the transfer FROM your online banking portal requesting to pull funds from your Fold Card TO your personal account.

  • Log into your bank's online banking portal.
  • Go to external transfer.
  • Add external account (checking)
  • Add the account and routing number found in Fold. (1 South Main St Attica, Oh if it asks)
  • Within 1-5 business days you'll get microdeposits into your Fold account.
  • Log back into your bank external transfer section.
  • Verify the microdeposit amounts.

To withdraw money, select Sutton in the 'From' field and your bank account in the 'To' field.

4) For users with Astra access, you can withdraw up to $250 using a linked debit card. Funds withdrawn using this option are usually available within minutes.

Can I instantly withdraw USD from my Fold Card balance?

5) Initiate a withdrawal at an ATM (please note the limits on the Fold Card).  Withdrawals may also incur an ATM fee. 

6) Some financial services desks, like those at Walmart or Kroger, may allow you to purchase a money order using your Fold card. You can then deposit those funds into your personal account.


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