[Early Access Only Benefit] What's the Status on the $50 BTC Premium Bonus?

This benefit was only available to Premium Early Access users who signed up on or before March 12. This legacy benefit has since been removed from the Fold Card program. See our final Early Access update for details

Q: How to I qualify?
A: If you paid your annual fee on/before March 12, deposit a minimum of $500/month (or $1,500 total) since you signed up for the Fold Debit Card. 

Q: I just got invited to Early Access last week. If I deposit $500 by March 31, do I qualify for the $50 BTC bonus? Or do I have to do $1,500 total?
A: If you paid for your Fold Card annual fee on/before March 12, anyone who has deposited $500/mo. will qualify for the $50 BTC bonus. So, to break this down:
  • If you signed up in March 2021 (on or before March 12th), you will need to have deposited $500
  • If you signed up in February 2021, you will have needed to deposit $1,000 total (it’s okay if one month was lower, so long as you deposited the total amount)
  • If you signed up from November - January 2021, you will have needed to deposited $1,500 total (it’s okay if one month was lower, so long as you deposited the total amount)
You can look through your transaction list (or export this to a CSV) to see the amounts and dates you deposited. When you select a day in the statement downloader, it downloads the entire month of that date.  We can not confirm your deposit amounts for you - do not submit a support ticket asking us to do so. 
Q: What is the payout schedule?
A: As long as your deposited funds are settled before before 11:59pm PT on March 31, you will receive your bonus by April 5th. If your deposit is still pending on the 31st, it will not count toward the qualifying deposit limit.
Q: What BTC price is this based on?
A: You are eligible to receive the deposit bonus, at the conversion rate in effect on the day you paid your Fold annual fee (after any KYC review was passed).
Q: If I deposited below the $1,500 total, do I still get a portion or the $50/mo. payout? or is it all or nothing?
A: You must meet the deposit criteria ($500/mo. or $1,500 total since you signed up) to get any portion of the $50 BTC bonus. It is all or nothing.  Either you meet the criteria and get $50 in BTC for this bonus or none.
Q: Where will I see the bonus? How will I know I got it?
A: The bonus will be added to your total Fold rewards (the ‘My Rewards’ section can be found by clicking the blue pill on the top right corner of the app). You will see your total increase.
You will also receive an email and app notification when the bonus is added to your account.


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