[Early Access Only Benefit] What's the Status on the Bitcoin Rewards Interest Payout for Fold Cardholders?

This benefit was only available to Premium Early Access users who signed up on or before March 12. This legacy benefit has since been removed from the Fold Card program. See our final Early Access update for details

Q: What are the interest rates?
A: Premium has a 10% interest rate. Intro has a 2% interest rate. 

Q: What date will the interest be paid out?
A: The interest earnings are being paid out early. You will receive notification of this by April 5, 2021. 
Q: Which of my earned sats qualify for the interest payout?
A: All sats earned since signing up for your Fold Card (the day you passed any KYC review and paid for your tier) up until March 31, 2021 qualified for earning interest.
Q: What happens to sats I withdrew before the payout date?
A: Interest was earned on the sats earned up until March 31, 2021 that are now withdrawn from your Fold account. Any sats that you withdrew will not count toward the total you are being paid interest on.

Q: Where will I see the interest payment? How will I know I got it?
A: You will see the bonus in your Fold rewards (the ‘My Rewards’ section can be found by clicking the blue pill on the top right corner of the app).
You will also receive an email and app notification when the bonus is added to your account.



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