How do I earn Extra Spins?

You can collect extra spins after you have added funds >1 time. Earn them on the wheel, by taking certain actions, and we'll occasionally surprise you with random drops. You can always see how many extra spins you currently have in your spin bank (below your list of recent transactions on the Fold Card tab in app). 
Ways to Get Extra Spins

Weekly Spin Drop
We give you extra spins every Friday starting at 12pm ET just for having added funds to your Fold Card at least once.
Win them on the Wheel
The daily and purchase spinwheels feature revolving opportunities to win extra spins.
Earns Spins when you Save
Get 1 spin/day that your available balance is greater than $1k. Get 2 spins/day for each day your settled available balance is greater than $10k. These daily spins are sent out around 11am ET each day, and you will be notified via push notification if you have them enabled.
Earns Spins when you Spend
Get +1 extra spin added to your spin bank every time you make a qualifying purchase of $250 or more. You will get a push notification (if you have them enabled) to notify you that the extra spin is now available for use a few minutes after the transaction is made. 
💡Keep in mind: Each Extra spin expires 7 days after being issued (use em or lose em) and can only be used on eligible transactions made in the last 24 hours. 


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