How do I earn Spins?

Use your Spins to spin the rewards wheel. Spinning the wheel pays out bitcoin; the more Spins you use, the more bitcoin you'll earn. 

There are a few ways to earn Spins on Fold:

Daily Spin

All account-holders will receive 1 free Spin in their Spin Bank every day they open the Fold app.

Using the Fold Card

Every $10 spent using the Fold Card will earn a Spin.

Buying Gift Cards

Every $10 spent buying Gift Cards earns a Spin, regardless of payment method.

Buying Bitcoin

Every $10 spent buying bitcoin earns a Spin.

Active Spin Boosts

For even more Spins, check the Active Spin Boost on the Spin Page for more ways to earn.

How long do Spins last?

For Spin+ members, each Spin expires after 7 days after being earned. For everyone else, each Spin expires after 24 hours after being earned.

Each Spin will have an expiration timer underneath that displays how long you have to use it until it expires.

For more information on how Spins work, visit our New Fold Rewards Program blog post.


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