Known Bugs

Thank you for trying out the Fold AR experience while it is in beta!  We appreciate everyone's feedback during this period, and hope you have fun sharing it with your friends.  

If you would like to submit a report for a bug not listed here, please include your

  • device model
  • Fold app version
  • any relevant screenshots

Below are a list of major already-known issues:

  • When starting a new game, your previous score will still be shown at the top.  Find and mine the block to start a new session!
  • Opening the Fold app stops playback of audio in a background app (e.g. Spotify).
  • On the game that you hit the daily limit, the sats from that game are not actually saved to your account (the block display shows 0 sats/spins won).  However, this means you can keep playing that day without earning if you want to share the Fold AR experience with others! ☺
  • On small iOS devices, you cannot scroll vertically on the Play tab (and so cannot start a game).
  • The AR experience breaks app compatibility with some Android devices, and those devices can no longer download the Fold app in the Google Play store [fixed in 139.7.0].  These devices will still not be able to play the game as their device is not supported, but can use the rest of the Fold app.


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