How can I pay bills like my mortgage, rent, utilities, phone, and taxes with my Fold Card?

When you use your Fold Card to pay bills (including mortgage, rent, utilities, phone, and taxes) through PayPal's bill pay feature, you have the chance to earn a flat 0.5% back. Unlike other debit card programs, Fold offers a unique opportunity to earn sats back on your bill payments, providing a non-zero chance to earn rewards for paying your bills.

The concept of this bill pay "stack hack" is constantly evolving, as it depends on the actions of third-party entities. To qualify for the 0.5% back reward, the bill payment must be processed as a Signature transaction. While Fold cannot control how PayPal or other payment processors handle transactions, if your bill payment is classified as a Signature transaction, you'll earn a flat 0.5% back reward, plus any earned Spins. However, if it is classified as a non-Signature transaction, you will earn only Spins instead.

As of 11/13/23, all Signature transactions other than bill payments are eligible for a guaranteed 0.5%-1.5% back. We encourage you to review the terms and conditions and reach out to our support team if you have any questions.



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