Full Guide to Extra Spins

What are Extra Spins?

Think of Extra Spins like extra lives in a video game - they give you an extra chance at winning. 

Extra Spins last 24 hours and let you spin again for a chance to improve the rewards earned from your Fold Card transactions. 



How to use Extra Spins

If you have available Extra Spins then you can use them to respin qualified transactions made in the last 24 hours. Go to your "Recent Transactions" and tap the 'RE-SPIN' button next to the purchase on which you'd like to use the Extra Spin.



How to earn Extra Spins

Check back often as more ways to earn Extra Spins are added regularly.


Available to Spin+ subscribers

Earn them with your daily spend

The Daily Purchase 3 for 3

Earn 3 Extra Spins on every day you make at least 3 Debit Card transactions each worth $25 or more. Days reset at midnight, local time.



Available to all Cardholders

Earn them when you fund

If you set up a Recurring Deposit of at least $100, then you'll earn 1 Extra Spin for every day that the scheduled deposit routine is active.



Earn them in the Shop

If you buy gift cards in the Shop with your Fold Card, then you'll earn Extra Spins.



Earn them when you spend

If individual transactions exceed a certain amount, then you'll earn Extra Spins.


Earn them when you save

If your Fold Card available balance exceeds certain amounts, then you'll earn Extra Spins.



Added to your account every day

Being a Fold Cardholder pays! You'll automatically receive Extra Spins daily.








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