Managing your Spin+ Subscription

The Spin+ Subscription is your access to the premium Fold Card rewards experience. 

How does Spin+ work?

Getting a Fold Card is free, and Fold Cardholders have access to a limited bitcoin rewards experience. 

Once you have a Fold Card, you can then upgrade to a Spin+ subscription, which gives you access to premium plan benefits. 

What are the benefits of a Spin+ subscription?

Want to compare plans? The benefits of both the Fold Card and the Fold Card Spin+ Subscription are outlined here.

Am I eligible for the 1-month free trial of Spin+?

The 1-month free trial of Spin+ is available to everyone who has never been a Spin+ subscriber before. If you are a new cardholder, your free trial will begin once you activate your physical card for the first time.

How much does Spin+ cost?

After the 1-month free trial expires, there are two billing plans available to Spin+ subscribers:

  • $10 per month
  • $100 per year

How do I upgrade to Spin+?

Upgrading is simple: open the Fold App and on the Fold Card page follow the prompts to try Spin+ for 1 month free.

If you're already a Spin+ cardholder, then your new benefits are automatically live in the app as of 8/16/2022.

How do I pay for my Spin+ subscription?

Your Spin+ subscription payment will be automatically deducted from your Fold Account available balance on your renewal date (displayed as "Next billing period" in the app).

If you do not have sufficient funds for your subscription payment on that day, then your benefits will be paused until you are able to make the payment. 

To rectify an insufficient payment, simply add funds to your Fold Card available balance and Fold will automatically attempt to process your payment within 24-hours. Once the payment goes through, your benefits will be restored.

When is my Spin+ renewal date?

Your Spin+ start date begins the day you activate your physical Fold Card once you receive it in the mail.

You can see your renewal date in the app by going to the Account tab > Manage Subscription > Next Billing Period.

How do I change my billing plan?

You can switch your billing plan from monthly payments to annual payments, or vice versa. 

You can make these changes in the app by going to the Account tab > Manage Subscription > Change Billing Plan.

How do I turn on/off automatic renewal?

You can turn off automatically renewing your plan every month or year.

You can adjust this setting in the app by going to Account tab > Manage Subscription > Turn Auto-Renew Off/On. 

How do I cancel or downgrade from Spin+?

You can downgrade from a Spin+ subscription to just using the free Fold Card with limited benefits.

Since you pay up-front per month or per year, you are able to retain your benefits until your billing period runs out. 

To downgrade, you will just need to stop your subscription from renewing.

You can make these changes in the app by going to the Account tab > Manage Subscription > Turn Auto-Renew Off.



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