Gift Card Rewards

With Fold, you earn rewards by buying gift cards from our Shop in the Fold App.



Available rewards and gift card merchants are determined by subscription tier.

Spin+ and Spin Rewards

For Spin+ and Spin users, purchasing a gift card with the Fold Card as the payment method will always earn two types of rewards: bitcoin and Extra Spins.

Bitcoin Rewards

Spin+ subscribers earn the highest reward rates and have access to the regular list of gift card merchants plus Spin+ Exclusive merchants.


Spin users earn regular reward rates and have access to the regular list of gift card merchants plus Fold Card Exclusive merchants. 


For the full list of available gift card merchants by tier, see Gift Card Merchants.

Extra Spins

Whether you're Spin+ or Spin, purchasing a gift card from the Shop will earn you Extra Spins that you can use to re-spin for higher rewards on any eligible transaction.

In other words: buying gift cards can help you stack sats on your largest monthly purchases.


  1. Pay your mortgage with your Fold Card via Pay Pal.
  2. Buy a $100 gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond.
    1. Earn bitcoin rewards (at your tier's reward rate).
    2. Earn 2 Extra Spins (see table below).
  3. Use your 2 Extra Spins to re-spin for higher rewards on your mortgage payment (as long as you're within 24 hours of that payment).

The higher the gift card amount, the more Extra Spins you earn:




Non-Cardholder Rewards

Purchasing a gift card from the Shop in the Fold App will earn you bitcoin back which is added to your total rewards balance and is available for withdrawal.

You don't need to be a Fold Cardholder to earn gift card rewards! However, the rewards increase once you upgrade to Spin, and increase to their max once you upgrade to Spin+.


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