How do I play the AR game in the Play tab? (aka the metaverse)

Overview and intro:
Our game is our way of introducing you to the world of the blockchain and mining. Every 10 minutes, you can mine a block and show your Proof-of-Work to earn some sats and spins!

Daily Limits: 
Spins - 3 Spins (9 Spin icons as each one rewards you with 1/3 of a spin)
Bitcoin - 200 Sats

How to Play:

1. Tap the 'Play' tab on the bottom navigation bar.
2. Tap the word 'Play' on the block. (If you don't see it, you may not have a phone capable of displaying it correctly or you may need to change some display settings)
3. There will be a quick splash screen with a white Fold logo. If it's your first time playing you'll need to allow camera access. 
Note: If it doesn't load past this screen, make sure you are in a well-lit area. Pointing your camera at a light may help. If it still doesn't load, your phone may not support it)

4. The first game should be a tutorial. It'll have arrows showing you where on your screen you can find the block. Once you find the block, take a few steps back so you can see the whole block. Keep tapping on the block until the first icon comes out. There will be arrows on your screen that will show you where it is. Tap on all the icons as they come out (yes even the bad ones, the first game is just a tutorial).
Note: If you didn't get a tutorial you'll start playing immediately. Here is a summary of the icons and a brief description.


5. Once you play the tutorial, it's time to play for real! Find the block again (no helpful arrows when it's for real) and tap the rotating Fold logo. The icons will start to come at you fast and furious. Tap the good ones!

Pro tips:

Spins are the real prize of this game right now. You can get 3 Extra Spins per day! That's HUGE when you consider you can improve your reward on a large purchase by 100s of thousands of sats with Extra Spins!
  • Start by standing close to a corner and facing the phone towards a corner.
  • Once the game loads, back up and turn around looking for the block. 
  • After you find the block, stand at a good distance away from it. Almost so you can't even read the black text box.
  • Some people like to turn the phone landscape before mining the block
  • Tap and go!!
  • Focus on Spinwheels and Diamonds
If you go over your sat limit for the day, the game will end and you won't be able to bank any of the spins or sats you earned for that game. For that reason, focus mostly on Extra Spins for your first couple of games until you get your 3 for the day.
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