Full Guide to Buying Bitcoin on Fold

tl;dr: Pay no fees to buy or sell bitcoin (Spin+ only), withdraw immediately, and earn extra sats on every $10 purchase.

How do I buy bitcoin on Fold?

There are three ways to buy bitcoin on Fold:

To get started, tap the "" on the nav bar to head to your bitcoin buying dashboard. Check out the full steps below:

Note: you must have funds in your Fold Card account in order to purchase bitcoin. See all ways to fund your Fold Card here: How do I add money to my Fold Card account?

Bitcoin buying Automations

Fold's Bitcoin Automations is a set of bitcoin buying tools you can use to simplify buying bitcoin on Fold. They're like having a smart assistant that buys bitcoin for you automatically, based on rules you set. So you can save time, reduce stress about when to buy, and steadily build your investment.

The two current Bitcoin Automations are:

What fees do I pay to buy bitcoin on Fold?

Spin+ Subscriber Fees

For Spin+ subscribers, there are no fees for buying bitcoin on Fold.

Spin Fees

For Spin users, there is a 1% fee to purchase bitcoin through an Auto-Stack and a 1.5% fee to purchase bitcoin through a spot buy.


For all cardholders, we do not add any spread to bitcoin purchases. However, please note that while Fold does not add any spread, liquidity providers may pass along a minimal spread depending on market conditions.

For full fees and spread details, see Fees for buying & withdrawing bitcoin on Fold.

How do I withdraw bitcoin purchased on Fold?

Once you have purchased bitcoin on Fold, you are able to initiate a withdrawal to any wallet immediately.

On the withdrawal page you have the option to scan a QR code to your destination wallet to make your withdrawal easier and more secure.

For full withdrawal steps, see Withdrawing bitcoin bought on Fold.

What fees do I pay to withdraw bitcoin purchased on Fold?

When you make a withdrawal, the total bitcoin deducted from your account includes the 'Amount' you specified and the Bitcoin network fees displayed on this page. Remember, these fees go to the hardworking miners who process your transaction. To dive deeper into Bitcoin network fees, check out our informative resource here.

To learn more, see Fees for buying & withdrawing bitcoin on Fold.

This is your bitcoin; we encourage you to take custody of it.

Can I sell bitcoin on Fold?

Yes; use Push to Card to convert your bitcoin on Fold to USD on your Fold Card. Spin+ users pay no fees to use this feature. 

For full details, check out: Push to Card: How to Fund Your Fold Card with Bitcoin

What rewards do I earn?

For every $10 of bitcoin bought on Fold, earn 1 Spin. Spend your Spins on the rewards wheel: every Spin earns you some amount of sats.

For full rewards details, see Rewards for buying bitcoin on Fold.

Where is my bitcoin stored that I bought on Fold?

All bitcoin is held in an on-chain address at Bitgo in cold storage with $250M in insurance coverage.

Fortress is a regulated state-chartered trust company that acts as the Qualified Custodian over client accounts. We’re in the process of adding more custodial and trading partners to ensure best in class security and user experience.

Why can't I buy bitcoin on Fold?

Due to US regulations and law, certain states prevent the purchasing of bitcoin. If you are a resident of any of the following states then you will not be able to buy bitcoin on Fold:

  • New York
  • Texas

For any issues accessing or completing bitcoin buys or withdrawals, please reach out to support@foldapp.com


For full terms and conditions, please see https://foldapp.com/legal/bitcoin-buying-terms.


*All rewards earned and bitcoin purchases are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation protection.



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