Full Guide to Buying Bitcoin on Fold

Pay no fees to buy bitcoin (Spin+ only), pay no fees to withdraw your purchased bitcoin to any wallet, and earn extra rewards.

How do I buy bitcoin on Fold?

Easily buy bitcoin with 3 taps:

  1. Tap the orange "B" on the Fold Card tab
  2. Choose $ amount of bitcoin to buy
  3. Tap "Confirm Purchase"

Note: you must have funds in your Fold Card account in order to purchase bitcoin. See all ways to fund your Fold Card here: How do I add money to my Fold Card account?  

What fees do I pay to buy bitcoin on Fold?

  • Spin+ users pay no processing fees when buying bitcoin on Fold.
  • Spin users pay a 0.95% processing fee when buying bitcoin on Fold.
  • In lieu of processing fees, Fold leverages a small spread which is variable based on the size of the purchase.

For full fees and spread details, see Fees for buying & withdrawing bitcoin on Fold.

What fees do I pay to withdraw bitcoin on Fold?

There are zero fees to withdraw bitcoin from Fold for both Spin and Spin+ users. Yes, really! This is your bitcoin; we encourage you to take custody of it.

To learn more, see Fees for buying & withdrawing bitcoin on Fold.

What rewards do I earn?

For every $10 of bitcoin bought, earn 1 Spin.

For full rewards details, see Rewards for buying bitcoin on Fold.

How do withdrawals work?

Once you have purchased bitcoin on Fold, you are able to initiate a withdrawal to any wallet after a 3 day holding period from the purchase date.

For full withdrawal steps, see Withdrawing bitcoin bought on Fold.


Where is my bitcoin stored that I bought on Fold?

We have partnered with Prime Trust to store your bitcoin and protect your investment. Prime Trust provides many bitcoin buying applications that you’ve probably heard of or even used. Our partnership allows Fold to focus on the buying and rewards experience, while leaving the heavy lifting of custodial bitcoin security with trusted experts. To learn more about Prime Trust, see Who is Prime Trust?

Why can't I buy bitcoin on Fold?

Due to US regulations and law, certain states prevent the purchasing of bitcoin. If you are a resident of any of the following states then you will not be able to buy bitcoin on Fold:

  • Hawaii
  • New York
  • North Carolina (as of 4/28/23)
  • South Dakota
  • Texas (as of 3/15/23)
  • Connecticut (as of 4/7/23)

For any issues accessing or completing bitcoin buys or withdrawals, please reach out to support@foldapp.com


For full terms and conditions, please see https://foldapp.com/legal/bitcoin-buying-terms.


*All rewards earned and bitcoin purchases are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation protection.



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