Redeeming Gift Cards

  • Where does Fold work?

    Please note that all brands in Fold are currently denominated in US dollars, and your bank may charge you a foreign transaction fee if your credit card is not US-based.

    Depending on brand, Fold gift cards currently work in the following participating countries:

    1-800-Flowers: Can be used for international deliveries
    Airbnb: Can book anywhere, but Airbnb account must have a US-based payment method saved
    Amazon: USA only
    AMC: US locations only
    Autozone: US locations only
    Bass Pro Shops: US locations only
    Bed Bath and Beyond: US locations only
    Burger King: US locations only
    Cabela's: US locations only
    Chipotle: US locations only
    Domino's: US locations only
    Doordash: US app only
    Dunkin' Donuts: US locations only
    The Home Depot: US locations only Can book anywhere, but must be through the US site
    Gap / Old Navy: US / Canada locations
    L.L. Bean: US locations and website only
    Macy's: US locations only
    Nintendo eShop: US region only
    Playstation Store: US region only
    REI: US locations only
    Sephora: US / Canada locations
    Southwest Airlines: US customers only
    Starbucks: Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, UK, and US locations
    Taco Bell: US locations only, website or mobile app orders only
    TJ Maxx: US locations only
    Under Armour: US locations only
    Uber: Can be added to your Uber account internationally, but can only be redeemed on US rides/orders

    We will be available in the Canada, the UK, and the EU soon!

  • My card does not have a barcode! How do I redeem it in-store?

    Burger King, Domino's Pizza, Panera Bread, Under Armour:  The cashier will type in your card number at the register.  

    Target: Please add the gift card to your account.  You can use the website or the Target mobile app to display the barcode for in-store redemption.

    Taco Bell: Cannot be redeemed in-store.  Must be applied to a website or Taco Bell mobile app order.  Please make sure that the pasted number has spaces after every four characters to apply the gift card in the app.


  • Can I use my gift card for online purchases?

    Yes! Fold gift cards can be used for in-store and online purchases.

  • Does my gift card expire?

    The gift cards you buy on Fold will not expire. Please contact support if you are having issues with your gift card.  

  • My gift card balance did not update after I used it

    Currently, the balance written on your card is the original amount that was purchased, but you should be able to check the remaining balance at any store register or online balance checker.

  • How do I remove cards that I know are zeroed from the Gift Cards section?

    When you know a card has been fully used, either by spending it or by transferring the credit to your account (e.g. Amazon or Uber), you can hide it by archiving it. 

    Archived cards can found and unarchived under the Account menu.

  • What if my gift card does not work, or is not accepted?

    Please submit a support ticket detailing the card you are having trouble redeeming, preferably with a screenshot of the error you are seeing if you are redeeming online or a description of your in-store experience.