Purchasing Gift Cards

  • I can't add my credit or debit card to Fold

    If you are having trouble adding or verifying your card, please check the following:

    - Fold can only accept a limited number of countries' cards by default.  If you are not in the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK and are sure you want to use US dollar-denominated gift cards, please contact Support for further assistance.
    - Double-check that the address you entered matches what your bank has on file for the card.
    - Check that the bank did not place any holds on your card.
    - Check for the verification amount in your recent credit card activity.  This may take up to a few hours to appear.  If you leave the "verify card" window open when you close the Fold app, it will open again to the same screen.  If the number charged and the number in the title differ (usually due to currency exchange as the charge will be in USD), use the number in the title of the charge.  Rest assured that all verification charges will not finalize and will fall off your card in a few days.  

  • How do I send a card as a gift?

    We realize gifting is an important use for gift cards!  When you are purchasing the card from the Fold Marketplace, toggle the "Is this a gift?" switch in the mobile app to send the card as an email to your friend.  The card will automatically be archived after it is sent.  If you need to resend it, select the card from your Archived Cards in the Account section.

  • How long does it take to receive my gift card?

    Your gift card will be added under "Gift Cards" in your Fold account as soon as your payment is confirmed.  For credit card and Lightning Network orders, this usually only takes a few seconds.

    For BTC orders, your payment may take a few minutes until it is confirmed on the blockchain.  When your order is complete, you will receive a notification in the app that your card is ready to use.  It's unusual, but if you don't see your card show up after more than 20 minutes, please submit a support ticket.  If your BTC send is confirmed after your invoice expires, your Fold account will be credited that BTC, which you can spend on a future order.

  • Where is the gift card that I purchased?

    You can find your gift cards under the “Gift Cards” tab.  They are sorted by the time of purchase, with the newest card at the bottom of the page.  You can hide spent cards with the "Archive Card" option.


  • Does Fold work in Canada?

    We currently only support a few brands in Canada, but we hope to expand our Canadian offerings later this year.  Right now, please note that all denominations of gift cards are in USD, and your credit card may charge a foreign transaction fee.

  • Does Fold work in the United Kingdom (UK)?

    We currently only support a few brands in the UK, but we hope to expand our UK offerings later this year.  Right now, please note that all denominations of gift cards are in USD, and your credit card may charge a foreign transaction fee.

  • Does Fold work in Europe?

    Unfortunately, Fold does not work in Europe yet, although we would love to expand our offerings.  Stay tuned for further updates by following our https://twitter.com/fold_app and thanks for your support!  Feel free to write in and let us know what country you'd love to see available in the app.

  • I accidentally paid too much for my gift card. What happened to the extra BTC?

    In the event of an accidental overpayment for your card, Fold automatically credits your account with the extra amount in BTC. Your credit will be applied to future orders, or you can withdraw your credit by going to your Account page and initiating a withdrawal.

  • My order expired after I sent BTC, but I do not see the BTC credited to my account

    If you do not see your the funds available for use in your balance when you try to purchase a new card, please submit a ticket, making sure to include your Fold username.

  • What exchange rate do you use?

    We calculate BTC/USD conversions using the latest exchange rate from the Coinbase API at the time of your purchase.