Rewards and Referrals

  • How do I use my spinwheel bonus?

    Some wheel bonuses apply instantly; others are given after your next purchase.  They cannot be applied to a previous purchase.  You have until the countdown timer runs out to use these.

  • How do I earn a spin streak bonus?

    To get the bonus for a spin streak, you must spin 7 days in a row (check off all the checkboxes at the bottom of the spinwheel).  "Spin Again" does not count as a check mark.  The streak will reset if you miss spinning for longer than a day.

  • What do I get for referring friends?

    Your friend instantly receives 20,000 satoshis (0.0002 BTC) in their rewards balance to get them started.  You get moved up in the Fold Card waitlist so that you will be the first to receive news and access to the actual card!

  • How can I use my rewards?

    Rewards can be applied toward your orders or accumulated within your Fold account.  Applying rewards to an order reduces the total cost of that order.

  • Do I earn rewards on rewards I spend?

    You only earn rewards on the portion that you pay. Therefore, on an order where you apply previously earned rewards, your rewards payout will be reduced accordingly - you do still earn rewards on the part of the order you paid out of pocket.

  • Can I withdraw my rewards?

    Yes, you can withdraw the BTC you earn in Fold to a personal Bitcoin wallet.  Currently we only process withdrawals to on-chain wallets (such as Coinbase and others), and we accept native Segwit addresses.  There are no fees currently charged for withdrawals.

  • I submitted a rewards withdrawal request, but I do not see my Bitcoin in my personal wallet.

    Currently, reward payouts go out every Tuesday evening Eastern Time after you submit a withdrawal request.  Your withdrawal is "locked" while we are making final preparations to the withdrawal batch, and "finalized" when the Bitcoin transaction is initiated.  It may take a few minutes after finalization until the transaction has enough confirmations to show up in your personal wallet.