Using the Fold Card

  • What limits is my card subject to?

    To comply with federal regulations, there are limits affecting how much money can be loaded, withdrawn and spent by each cardholder.

    Those limits are:

    • Max Account Balance: $10,000
    • Max Spend Per Transaction: $2,500
    • Max Spend Per Day: $2,500
    • Max Spend in 30 days: $25,000
    • International Transactions: Yes
    • Max Load Per Day: $5,000
    • Max Cash / ATM Withdrawal Per Transaction: $250
    • Max Cash / ATM Withdrawal Per Day: $1,000
    • Max Cash / ATM Withdrawal Per Month: $1,000
  • Why does the Fold Card expire in one month?

    The virtual card you are initially issued expires at the end of the next calendar month after you sign up.  You will be shipped your virtual card before the expiration, or we will automatically renew your virtual card.

  • Can the Fold Card be used online?

    Yes, your Fold Card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted – online, in stores, and over the phone.  We make it easy to add your Fold Card as a payment method in other apps - tap to copy your Fold Card number on the card info page in the Fold App.

  • How do I use direct debit to make payments?

    Direct debit is a great way to pay bills because then you don’t risk forgetting and incurring a late fee! You can pay bills such as your rent, mortgage, credit card, or loan payments electronically with direct debit (ACH Debit). Provide your Fold routing and account numbers to your billers by logging into their app or website. 

  • How do I add the Fold Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay?

    Please note that the Fold Card is not currently available for use in Apple and Google Pay. Fold is finishing the setup of these programs, and these will be available shortly.

  • How do I check my account balance?

    You can check your account balance for free in the Fold App, where you can also see your balance, your deposits, and transaction history.

    You can also check your balance by calling our toll-free number 1-866-FOLDAPP (1-866-365-3277) or when making the inquiry at a participating ATM located in the U.S.

  • How do I view my transactions?

    You can see a running list of all of your transactions in the Fold App by tapping "See All" in the Transactions section of the Fold Card tab.

  • What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

    Please call our toll-free number, 1-866-FOLDAPP (1-866-365-3277) and select that option "Report my card as lost or stolen."  You will be guided through next steps for ordering a replacement card.

  • How do I dispute a charge from a merchant?

    To dispute a recent Fold Card transaction, please contact the merchant displayed on your Transaction History. This is the fastest way to resolve the issue.

    If you still need help with this transaction, please submit a ticket, and we will be in touch to complete your dispute submission.

  • Why is there a hold on my money?

    Gas stations, hotels and car rental agencies frequently pre-authorize a transaction, which means they place a hold on your card until they know the final amount owed. Here are some common situations when an authorization hold will apply if you use your Fold Card.

    • Using a Fold Card to pay for gas at the pump: You choose to pay for gas at the pump using your Fold card. Let’s say you fill your gas tank with $35.00 worth of gas. However, a temporary authorization hold of up to $100 or more may be placed on your Fold Card. Typically within three days, the transaction will settle for only the actual amount of the gas purchased. That means the additional funds that were being held will be released back to the card, thus making those funds ($65.00 or more, depending on the amount of the hold) available to you. Note: you can avoid the authorization hold by paying with a Fold card at the cashier inside the gas station instead of paying at the pump.
    • Using a Fold Card to pay for a car rental: You can use a Fold Card at car rental agencies that accept prepaid cards. However, they usually require a deposit of 15 percent more than the cost of renting the car. The rental agency will put an extra hold on the account for that amount of money and the hold could last for a couple of weeks. We suggest that you call the car rental agency to inquire about how much they require for a standard deposit if paying with a prepaid card and how long a typical authorization hold on a prepaid card will last.
    • Using a Fold Card to pay for a hotel room: You can use a Fold Card at select hotels that accept prepaid cards to make a room reservation. However, you should expect the hotel to place a hold on your card. The hold will typically cover the hotel room rate plus an additional 15 percent, and the funds will be held until the hotel settles the transaction. A typical hotel authorization hold could be released the day of checkout, or the hold could take up to several weeks to be settled and released. We suggest that you call the hotel to inquire how much a typical authorization hold is for hotel rooms if paying with a prepaid card, and how long a typical authorization hold on a prepaid card will last.
  • Where can I find a no-fee ATM?

    You can use your Fold Card at any of Visa’s Interlink or Pulse ATMs with no fee. Fees may apply for ATM transactions outside this network.

  • Can I get a loan or a payday advance from Fold?

    Not from Fold, Sorry. Loans or payday advance loans are not available from Fold. However, you can deposit loan proceeds from other companies into your Fold account, just like with a bank account.

  • Are there types of merchants where I cannot spend with my Fold Card?

    Yes.  Purchases cannot be made at certain classes of merchants:

    • Security Brokers/Dealers
    • Dating/Escort Services
    • Massage Parlors
    • Betting/Casino Gambling
    • Non-FI, Money Orders
    • Wires, Money Orders
    • Government Owned Lotteries
    • Government Licensed Online Casinos (Online Gambling)
    • Government Licensed Horse/Dog Racing
    • Internet gambling
    • Money Services businesses
    • Firearm-related businesses (manufacturing and selling)
    • Marijuana-related businesses
  • How do I close my Fold Card account?

    One way is to withdraw your money at an ATM or spend all the money on your Fold Card. You can also request the funds be sent to you via check (mailed within 3 or 4 weeks). There is a $5.95 fee for receiving a check. To do this, please contact submit a ticket.

  • Can I send money to another Fold account?

    Not currently. We hope to add this feature in the future.