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The Fold Card is currently invite-only and is only available to Fold users with a USA billing address.

Please check your spam folder for the verification email, or check that you did not create your account with Twitter/Facebook login. If you are stuck on a screen, please close the app (remove from list of active apps) and re-open the app. If this fixes your issue, please still send us a note so we can troubleshoot this from recurring in the future.

Passwords can only be reset in the mobile app. Please specify the email address you would like to associate with your account, especially if not the same as above.

Please provide promo name. Purchase promo bonuses (spend x, get y) are usually paid out the day after the promo period ends.

Withdrawals are paid out on Tuesday afternoons and may not show in your BTC wallet until there are several confirmations on the blockchain. We do not currently support LN withdrawals.

You must spin the wheel once per Eastern Time day to maintain your spin streak.

If you do not see a card you just purchased, please first try closing Fold (remove from the list of open apps) and re-opening the app. Please redeem gift cards in gift card payment sections, not promo code or coupon fields.

Please check that all information saved (especially address) matches exactly what is on file with your bank. Pending charges that do not complete will fall off your card in a few days.

Please note deposits are available for use once they are no longer Pending.

Fold is mostly only available in the United States. We hope to expand internationally soon!

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