About This Wheel

Rewards Wheel Status: It's a Miracle on 21,000,000th Street!

Starting December 1st, the rewards wheel for Spin+ subscribers will be boosted.

We’ve split the a whole bitcoin into 210 separate 100k sat prizes, and we’re increasing the odds of winning those prizes each week until 210 people win!

Read more about the fun here: It’s A Miracle On 21,000,000th Street.

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Prize Table

The best wheel prizes are available to Spin+ users.

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How Spins Work

Earn Spins when you do things on Fold, then use your Spins to spin the wheel and win bitcoin rewards. The wheel prizes range from 5 sats to 100 million sats*!

Read more about Spins here.

How Rewards Work

Spin+ subscribers automatically receive 0.5%-1.5% back in bitcoin on every qualifying Fold Card purchase. In addition, for each $10 spent on the Fold App or using the Fold Card, all users will receive 1 Spin:

  • Spend $10 buying bitcoin = earn 1 Spin
  • Spend $10 buying Gift Cards = earn 1 Spin
  • Spend $10 with your Fold Card in-store or on-line = earn 1 Spin
  • Spend $5 buying bitcoin +  spend $5 buying coffee with your Fold Card = earn 1 Spin

Read more about how rewards work here.

Prize Odds

Wheel prize odds are always kept up to date on the Spinwheel Official Rules.


*Prize exclusive to Spin+ subscribers.



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