Fees for buying & withdrawing bitcoin on Fold

What fees do I pay for buying bitcoin on Fold?

  • Spin+ users pay no processing fees when buying bitcoin on Fold.
  • Spin users pay a 0.95% processing fee when buying bitcoin on Fold.

In lieu of processing fees, Fold leverages a small spread which is variable based on the size of the purchase.

For full buying information, see Full Guide to Buying Bitcoin on Fold.

What fees do I pay for withdrawing bitcoin on Fold?

Sending bitcoin from your Fold account involves Bitcoin network fees, aka on-chain fees. These fees, consisting of small bitcoin amounts, serve as rewards for miners who ensure speedy Bitcoin transaction confirmations. It's important to know that these fees don't benefit Fold in any way.

Please keep in mind that during busy periods on the Bitcoin network, these fees may increase.

We believe self-custody is one of the most important aspects of bitcoin and we take it seriously; we are happy to help with recommendations on self-custody solutions.

For full withdrawal information, see How to Withdraw Bitcoin From Fold.

Why do we have a spread vs charge a fee?

Fold aims to get you the most bitcoin for your buck. Fold works with liquidity providers who bake in a spread for providing their service and to keep them safe against volatility. As Fold’s volumes increase, the spreads our liquidity providers charge decrease.

This means that over time, as we grow and you stack, our spreads will decrease and we can pass the savings directly on to you.


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