Card Boosts

What are Card Boosts?

Card Boosts is the umbrella term for certain rewards benefits available to Spin+ members.

There are currently two types of Card Boosts: 

  1. Category Boosts
  2. Merchant Boosts

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What are Category Boosts?

Category Boosts are additional rewards earned for shopping with your Fold Card at certain types of stores, aka categories, during a certain period of time. These boosted categories will be rotated throughout the year.

Learn all about Category Boosts, including which categories are currently boosted, here

What are Merchant Boosts?

Merchant Boosts are exclusive offers that allow you to receive additional sats rewards for using your Fold Card at participating retailers. Each offer has its own qualifying details.

Learn all about Merchant Boosts, including which merchants are currently offered, here

What’s the difference between Merchant Boosts and Category Boosts?

Together, Merchant and Category Boosts comprise Card Boosts.

Merchant Boosts earn you extra sats when you shop at a specific store listed in the Offers page in the app. These are specific offers with specific rules and details. Most are one-time use. Consider it merchant level rewards.

  • For example: 1.5% back at Starbucks for a purchase over $5 is an often available Merchant Boost. 

Category Boosts earn you extra sats when you shop at a store that is included in the current boosted categories. Consider it category level rewards.

  • For example: 2% at any Restaurant and Bar transaction is an often available Category Boost.

How to stack Card Boosts for even more sats

Combining merchant and category boosts is not only possible, but encouraged.

Hack the Stack by taking advantage of Merchant Boosts at businesses that are part of a currently boosted category.

Example: making a $5 transaction at Starbucks combines the 1.5% back at Starbucks Merchant Boost with the currently active 2% Restaurant and Bar Category Boost for a total reward of 3.5%. Not bad!

Do I need to activate each Card Boost to earn my rewards?

Nope! You don't need to activate any Card Boost individually or make choices about which ones to use. All Card Boosts come pre-activated for your convenience.


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